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Sapere Aude is the leading student law magazine of Western Sydney University. The 'Ask Sapere' Project is a direct collaboration between the magazine and students. We give students the opportunity to ask the sensitive and confusing legal questions in an anonymous forum. 


 For the 2018 edition of Sapere Aude we are teaming up with the

Parramatta Community Justice Clinic / Student Legal Services.

For more about Student Legal Services, read below.



Some guidelines and disclaimers:


All data entered is anonymous. You are asked to enter your postcode for general demographic statistics. The demographic statistics will be used to assist the Community Justice Clinic to clarify and improve their student services. 


Questions will be pooled based on commonality. The answers to these questions will be published in the 2018 edition of Sapere Aude, due for publication in early Spring.


This Project does not intend to provide legal advice and cannot substitute genuine legal advice. Due to the nature of the portal and publishing process, the answers are not intended as legal advice and cannot substitute genuine legal advice. For specific legal questions and personalised legal advice, we encourage you to contact the Clinic directly. The publishing and developing of this Project operate according to the publishing and liability guidelines of Dare to Know Publications.


There are TWO categories: 

- Your legal rights at Music Festivals; and

- Your legal rights regarding general tenancy and consumer matters


All questions will be screened. Profain or inappropriate questions will not be considered. Only questions submitted via this portal will be considered.



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Student Legal Services


Western Sydney University in partnership with Western Sydney Community Legal Centre.


Who are we?

Student Legal Services (SLS) is a legal advice and referral service for current students of Western Sydney University. It is a joint venture between Western Sydney Community Legal Centre and the University. Qualified solicitors from Western Sydney Community Legal Centre provide the legal advice.

This service is provided through SSAF funds.


Can we help?

If you are a current student of Western Sydney University or Western Sydney University, The College* we may be able to help.

SLS is a legal advice and referral service available to all University students – both domestic and international students. If we are unable to assist you with your legal enquiry (for example, if we do not advise on that particular area of law or we feel that there is a conflict of interest) we may be able to make a referral to a more appropriate service.

At present, we can advise on the following areas of law:

  • Consumer rights

  • Debt/credit issues

  • Minor crimes

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • On campus parking fines

  • Plagiarism

  • Tenancy and accommodation  (including Western Sydney University Village)

  • Traffic offences

  • Employment



* Please note: students of the English Language Programs run by The College are not eligible for this service.


Service hours and contact details

If you would like legal advice after 1.00pm, please call 02 9685 4790 and leave a voicemail message if the phone is not answered with the following information:

  • Full name;

  • Student identification number; and

  • Telephone number

The phone is manned from 8.30am – 1.00pm Monday to Friday.

Voicemails can be left Monday to Friday after 1.00pm.

You can also reach us by emailing Advice will be given over the telephone or through face-to-face appointments if necessary.

Face-to-face appointments are conducted at the Parramatta Community Justice Clinic, Level 2, Room 14, Parramatta City campus.


Appointments may be conducted Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm but arrangements can be made to accommodate students out of these hours.


To find out further details, please contact us over the phone or via email using the details below:

Phone: 02 9685 4790